International events

Organize and carry out international events

Consult in finance and oil-gaz sphere

Manage private and business capital

About company

MCIBA began performing consulting services to Russian and International clients beginning in 2011.We organize different international events: concerts, conferences and forums - also for Russian state structures.

Our company also specialize on consulting servicies in finance and oil-gaz spheres in Russia and in foreign countries (USA, Cyprus).


We help our clients - private and corportate structures - in their wealth management, by offering them our investment projects and rpojects of our partners.

With respect and hope for the long ter cooperation,



International events

- business-conferences

- forums

- concerts of classic music

- master-classes

Finance consulting

- companies, funds, trusts

- bank acounts

- tax planning in foreign jurisdictions

- accounting according IFRS

Oil-Gaz Consulting

- production and selling of natural gaz and crude

- gaz compression technologies

- gaz-filling inforstructure

- new technologies in Oil-Gaz sphere


- real estate in Russia

- investments in state projects

- real estate in Cyprus

Our experts

Mikhail Sobolev

Partner and Vice President of Consulco International Group (employed by the company since 1994). A leading consultant in the CIS market.

Sergey Mahalov

Camp media, founder and CEO

Igor Mann

marketing Consultant, partner at group of companies "Power of Mind"

Alexander Makienko

Partner, Schengen Property/Schengen Wealth

Elena Lysenkova

CEO Of Hospitality Income Consulting

Alexander Latyshonok


Mikhail Zaharevich

Partner, "Center of commercialization of innovations" LTD.

Ignaty Dyakov

Director of the Russia Local Ltd, London

Yana Dianova

LLC "Legal firm GRATA", Director of Corporate and commercial law department.

Evgeny Boim

CEO of LLC "Sputnik-AISIK"

Vladimir Bogatyr

Managing Partner

Andrey Anikeev

NTL TRUST LIMITED, Business development manager with partners from the CIS countries and the Baltic States in the field of incorporation.

Artem Tur

Investment and strategic development director Continent of development, LLC

Dmitriy Tomisonets

CEO of publishing office “ELENA” (books and CD's for children)

Maxim Tafintsev

Lead manager of representative office in Moscow MAALOUF ASHFORD & TALBOT, LLP Managing partner of the law firm “Russian house and international lawyers” President of Arabic-European Legal Association (Luxemburg) Member of IBA International Bar Associ

Oxana Salfaly

Managing director in London Relocation Consultancy – real estate in London

Vsevolod Sazonov

CEO of bar association “Sazonov and partners”

Oleg Rychtikov

CEO of Community, LLC

Alexander Rodin

CEO of the law firm RULF

Andrei Osadchenko

Director of the Training Centre of Russian State University for the Humanities

Feodor Ovchinnikov

CEO of Do Do System, LLC

Dmitriy Nazarov

CEO of Finance and Consulting Ltd.

Igor Morozov

Coincellor of chairman of board – Open bank

more experts


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Office in Moscow

Salyama Adlya st. 9-3

Moscow, Russia, 123103

+7 965 317-40-71

Representation in Eastern Europe (Budapest)

4562, Ires-2, Limassol, Cyprus

+357 99 774465

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